Well, well, I thought I left this “critter” for the last of the twelve and not because it’s precisely the last one, but because its something that represents me a lot, it’s like my alter ego and I suppose you know why……….well yes, I’m DRAGON and the truth is that since I knew it (like some decades ago), it’s a title I carried with and carry proud of it.

A Chinese Horoscope dragon ilustration, Shangri La Feng Shui copiaI’m going to be honest, it’s not that difficult to carry it, but it’s like assuming a responsibility, and precisely in Asia, lot of people would have wanted to be born in any of the dragon year, being a fact to add in their cv.

Worthy of this title are the ones born in the years 1856, 1868, 1880, 1892, 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 19,76,1988, 2000,2012 y 2024.

Personalities born in those years are Joan Arc, Bruce Lee, Salvador Dalí, Sigmund Freud, Pelé, even they say Jesus Crist.

But let’s stop a little bit on trying to describe it , and I’m going to start from the definition that excites me more “the dragon makes things happen” beautiful, isn’t it? With this definition I wouldn’t need another one.

Exampleo of imperial toge with embroided dragons Shangri La Feng Shui copiaBut the other one I love is the one that describes the spelling of it, it’s a complicated ideogram that implies the dragon can show its strength in any place, over the ground, over the water and over the air because it’s able to sum up the land, maritime, Eolic, lunar and solar energies.

Great ability for adjustment to any change having with them a huge transformation energy and being able to rebrand itself the times necessary for each situation.

In fact, it’s the only zodiac oriental animal that is mythological and the marvelous book of the I CHING talks about a constellation called Dragon.

This magic air made the emperors embroider their tunics with dragons because they thought this could bring them all the qualities of the enigmatic animal as well as its prosperity and longevity.

Born controllers and fanatics also,
Perfection overpasses them, and they are also dreamers.
Thoughtful until the end and generous without end.
Sometimes their concerns a lot requires from them.
If they have to be sorry they don’t doubt about it and even in their fantasies anything can happen they are, with themselves, demanding until death.

Embroided dragons Shangri La Feng ShuiThey say they are incompatible with dogs……..(this I can never affirm) ……., with the rooster happy stays and it is true that with the rats and monkeys friends would want to be.

And like always, to someone mi written I want to dedicate, this time goes for me, my own true dragon, because it’s important to love ourselves and by one we have to start, but I can’t leave behind all my colleagues from V…E that with all the strength they can give because a truly example of dragon they are to go out and win.

For all of you and all wonderful dragons 辰 that I had the lucky opportunity to found on my way of life.