Usually, I made this article public close to the winter solstice day (DUNG GEE 冬至) but this year either I had not enough energy nor been something to encourage me to do it, everything happens for something….

I am not going to start evaluating the year 2020, it is already evaluated, but it is true that it has been a “different” year in which surely there is something good you can find.
And the same we will have to do in this 2021 because analysing this 2021 new year’s energy, I almost had the need of skipping it and search what we were going to find in the next 2022, year of water tiger 壬 寅. Is not going to be a “good” year, due to what the analysis says that is going to be a weak year same as when we talk about a “weak horoscope”, meaning that anything that hits it will make it fall, a strong year or horoscope, you hit it and might stagger, but never fells.

In a year with lack of upward energy (wood and fire) so there is not going to be much activity, it is going to be a slow year, introverted.

Moreover, spring comes before the second new moon after the solstice therefore already in East, they call these years “blind years”.

Metal and earth business are not going to be enough prosper this year; however, the wood and fire ones are going to be because they are the elements that support this year.

We already knew that this 9th PERIOD (2017-2044) brought a complicated energy to handle and we should prepare ourselves to know how to adapt to it and I believe that this year has been a test of how we should adapt in order not to decompose. The nature gave us sings and incredible messages and we should keep listening, is the only way of surviving because we are part of it and that is how we should receive it.

This DUNG GEE 冬至 (winter solstice) happened the 21st of December at 18:02 and make way to the YIN METAL OX辛 丑 year.

For many people, the New Year’s starts on January the 1st, for most of the oriental world the year starts with the second new moon after the winter solstice, that in this 2021 year is going to be on February the 12th of 2021, moment when in Asia will give to the metal ox year the welcome 辛 丑

However, our year starts indeed with the DUNG GEE 冬至 because is in this winter solstice when the yin energy touches its end and gives the start for the yang energy. And is not because we decide it in our CHUE school, but because it is how the nature gave us. The solstice marks the instant in which the sun position in the sky is more away from the Equator and for that is the longest duration of the day and night, for that, being the shortest day in the year it is also the darkest and with the maximum yin energy. From now on, days are going to be longer due to the arrival of the yang energy.

Is not going to be a good year at all, is not hard to believe it, most specially the winter is going to be hard and the spring, specially the dragon 辰 month, April, is going to be hard to overcome, because we will make inadequate decisions making mistakes we should deal with. However, is in this month, when a spiritual leader could appear or someone smart in the NE. We already know that in the NE it is already an area that during this 9th period needs fire so we should check if in our homes we have deficiencies of this element in these years. We should not start constructions or works in this NE area in the 2021 year.
The SE is going to be a harmed area in this 2021 year, we could even talk about a new disease transmitted through air. It is an area we should analyse with detail in each of our houses and see which energy is installed in each direction. Be aware in the month of April….辰.
When summer comes everything could improve at last! In June午 the energy could change. Is a year that needs the fire element, that’s why in summer we could prosper, and the SOUTH areas are going to be the best ones.
The SW is afflicted and being the direction that represents the woman, we are the ones that must have special attention in this area Is not going to be a good area for the women, specially if they are aged and specially if they are business leaders. There is also possibility of natural disasters, fires, or earthquakes in the SW directions.
In the NORTH we have a sick energy so we must be careful if the door of our house is in that direction or if for example, is here where we have the kitchen, because we could get sick easily if we do not put the adequate remedies.

Is it going to be an specially complicated year for the people born in the years of:

  • 乙 未 (yin wood goat), years 1955,2015.
  • 丙 戌 (yang fire dog), years 1946, 2006.
  • 丁 丑 (yin fire ox) years 1937, 1997
  • 戊 辰 (yang earth dragon), years 1928,1988.
  • 已 未 (yin earth goat), years 1919,1979.
  • 庚 戌 (yang metal dog) years 1970,

We call them “the six harmed” or “harmful 6” ad they are people who must take special care with this 2021 year, is not going to be a good year for them to get married, attend funerals, and must be protected. Do not make risk inversions nor risk sports because you could get injured. Do not take important decisions so you, especially little sister take care!!!!!

Dung Gee 2020 Shangrila Feng ShuiThe ones born in 1962, YANG WATER TIGERS壬 寅, thanks to the especial combination that they make with the year, they are not that harmed as others.

Each year, we could add to our horoscope the position where we are in this concrete year, that is what we call in BAZI “the little position” and give us a lot of information of how it is going to be the year for us depending on the energy that such position brings us. A detailed analysis of your horoscope can be completed each year with the “small position”, and you could know which decisions to take in each situation that each year comes.

I wish you all the best for this METAL OX year辛 丑 and thank you for your time, reading these lines, dedicated.